The Research Team

Associate Professor Rob Cover is chief investigator on the Aus Queer Screen project.  Deputy Head of the School of Social Sciences at The University of Western Australia, Rob is the author of several books, including Queer Youth Suicide, Culture and Identity: Unliveable Lives? (2012), Vulnerability and Exposure: Footballer Scandals, Masculine Identity and Ethics (2015), Digital Identities: Creating and Communicating the Online Self (2016), and most recently Emergent Identities: New Sexualities, Genders and Relationships in a Digital Era (2018).    He is a chief investigator on the Australian Research Council 2015-18 project Queer Generations with colleagues Professor Peter Aggleton, Professor Mary Lou Rasmussen, Dr Daniel Marshall, Associate Professor Christy Newman, Dr Kyra Clarke and others.  

Dr Duc Dau is research fellow on the Aus Queer Screen project.  Duc is the author of Touching God: Hopkins and Love (2013) and editor of Queer Victorian Families: Curious Relations in Literature (2015). Duc was the recipient of an Australian Research Council Discovery Eary Career Research Award (ARC DECRA 2013-16) and is also a specialist in improving diversity systems and policy in higher education including as the lead author of a 70pp research report about LGBT student experiences in higher education–the first of its kind in Australia.